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Second Temple

Some very useful sites on the Second Temple Period and the historical background to Early Christianity

Website Description
Into His Own Fair, Scholarly Site to the Jewish Background of Jesus. Excellent Resource
Biblical Archaeology Society Publisher of Biblical Archaeological Review magazine
Apocrypha Index Texts of the various books of the Apocrypha, including Maccabees, the Additions to Esther, Ben Sirah, etc.
Post-Biblical Documents Apocrypha, DSS, Septuagint & Samaritan Studies, Josephus, Philo and more
InscriptaFact Database of Ancient Inscriptions and Artifacts
MFA Archeology Good Basic History of Israel during 2nd Temple Times, with many good Illustrations and Maps
Samaritans Resources on the Samaritans, (the שומרונים of תנ"ך and the כותים of חז"ל)
Jewish Roman World of Jesus Excellent Source for Jewish Background to Jesus and the Christian Bible
Flavius Josephus Home Page Source for All Things Josephus-related; Excellent Chronology of the First Revolt
Works of Josephus The Complete Whiston Translation; Antiquities, Wars, Life and Against Apion
Parthian Empire The Parthian Empire Homepage
Palestine under the Rule of the Herods Nice timeline of Who was Ruling Where and When
Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land NOVA special on the Bar Kochba caves
First Century Judaea History and Illustrated pages on Major people and Places; List of Many Messianic Claimants
Jerusalem Archaeological Park Lots of Info on 1st & 2nd Temple Jerusalem & Virtual Reconstruction of the בית המקדש
Palestine in the Time of Jesus Good Source of Roman and Jewish Background to 1st ce. Judea
New Jerusalem Mosaic
History of Jerusalem from 1st Temple Times until 1948
Simeon bar Kosiba Papyri Article by Prof. Norman Golb that claims R' Yehudah ben Baba is named in a papyrus document from the 2nd ce.
Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Library of Congress Exhibit on the Scrolls
Destruction Of Jerusalem - Preterist Some very good Second Temple Period source materials from a fringe Christian group that believes all the prophecies concerning Jesus were fulfilled at the Destruction of the 2nd Temple. Caveat Lector.
Bayit Sheni (Hebrew) Excellent Site - Israel from the Shivat Tzion through the Seleucid Period
Qatzrin Pictures Pictures from the excavation and recreation of a village in the Golan from the time of the Mishnah. Excellent source material for the realia of the times.