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For the historical background, also see the Bayit Sheni page

Website Description
Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus The supposed "Testament of Josephus" as well as a translation of Toldot Yeshu
Anti-Semitic Legends Many quite ancient, some appearing in The Brothers Grimm
Bible RSV Readable translation of the Christian Bible; includes Apocrypha
Bible Gateway More translations that you can shake a stick at
Catholic Encyclopedia Not overly reliable, especially on Jews (Rashi had sons?) but occasionally useful
Heretic's Journal - Torture Descriptions of Torture under the Inquisition; not for the squeamish (perfect for high school-aged boys)
Historical Christian Anti-semitism Alphabetical Listing of Major Players throughout History
Memory and Reconciliation John Paul II's Major Work dealing with the Church's treatment of the Jews throughout history
from jesus to christ PBS Website Companion to the video. Good source materials
Dialogue with Trypho Justin Martyr's Classic Christian Debate with a fictional Jew (Rabbi Tarfon?), ca. 150 CE
Medieval Christianity - Links Excellent links for History and Theology