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Some very useful sites on Modern-day Israel and Israel Advocacy. These links represent several viewpoints. I do not endorse all of them.

Website Description
Aliyah Revolution A Matrix-like animation from Kumah
Kumah The Neo-Zionist Uber-blog
BlueStarPR Pro-Israel posters
CAMERA Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
Israel on Campus Coalition Great resources and guides, including free printable posters
Honest Reporting Monitoring anti-Israel media bias
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs History, up-to-the-minute news breaks, Anti-semitism/Holocaust, Information on the Government, et cetera. Israel's window to the world.
Israel Security Maps From the Mandate until the Present
Masada2000 A Kahane-influenced website. Warning: Strong language
Jposters Jewish and Israel-themed posters for sale
MEMRI Middle Eastern Media Research Institute - what the Arabs are saying about us in print, on TV, etc.
Myths and Facts Online The mother lode of Israel-related information
Stand With Us Campus An Israel Advocacy and Activism site
The David Project Promoting a fair and honest understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Concept Wizard Visual Information about the Middle East Conflict
Media4Truth Youtube Videos of Brigette Gabriel, a pro-Israel Arab
MidEast Web Lots of good information about Judaism, Islam, and Middle Eastern conflicts, especially the israli-Palestinian conflict.
Mideast Maps Excellent detailed maps of the entire Middle East. Click on the smaller map to get a larger detailed map.
Anti-Israel Sites (for educational purposes)
Boycott Israel Printable posters for rallies. Great for advocacy training.
Neturei Karta They bill themselves as "True Torah Jews Against Zionism." Ahem.