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Beyond the Pale - Middle Ages Jews in Russia and Poland in the Middle Ages
Dinur Medieval JH Excellent Resource Directory
Hebrew Incunabula Manuscripts The earliest printed manuscripts in Hebrew
History of the Jews in England The Jews in England from 1066 to 1291, and the readmission in 1655
Inquisition History of the Spanish Inquisition (in progress)
Jews in Medieval Spain A member of the Society for Creative Anachronism - Jewish Life in Medieval Spain
Karaite Congregation Orah Saddiqim Follow the links to History, Philosophy and Liturgy of the Karaites
Karaite Jews of America History of the Karaites, and Descriptions of their Holidays and Customs
Karaite Korner FAQs, Articles, Karaite Calendar, and Gift Shop
Karaite Links Interesting Karaite links
Katedra (Hebrew) The History Journal of Jewish Settlement in Israel
Khazaria Info Center History of the Medieval Country that converted to Judaism, Khazarian Artifacts, and Sources
History of the Medieval Jewish community in Hereford, England
Guilford History of the Jewish community in Guilford, England - Haimishe since 1180
Medieval French Menu for Rosh Hashana Cook an authentic Medieval meal for the Jewish New Year
Medieval Guide to Jewish Names A link site to various naming customs throughout Europe in the Middle Ages
Torture of the Spanish Inquisition Warning: Contains disturbing images.
Medieval JH Timeline What happened When
History and Community From MyJewishLearning.com