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Website Description
Dafyomi Advancement Forum Useful resources including English outlines, charts, insights and quizzes on every page of Shas.
Rav Shalom Rosner One of the best magiddei shiur for Daf Yomi on the Web; shiur is jam-packed with rishonim and acharonim. Now that he is hosted by the OU website, he is putting up shiurim for every day of the week!
Dov Linzer Very enjoyable daf shiur by the Rosh Yeshiva of Chovevei. Occasional gaps in posting. Sometimes gets behind schedule.
YU Torah - al HaDaf Fast-paced Daf Shiur given by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz of North Woodmere. One of my Go-To shiur sites. Lots of Rishonim and Acharonim.
HaDaf HaYomYomi (Hebrew) From the Virtual Beit Midrash of Yeshivat har Etzion(Gush). Dapei Ezer on the daf. Archives start in Kiddushin.
OU Online  Slower-paced but parshan-packed shiur given by Rabbi Moshe Elefant. One of the few sites to post ahead for shabbat and yom tov.
Daf B'Iyun Shiur A weekly in-depth halacha l'ma'aseh shiur by Rabbi Shalom Rosner relating to one of the dafim each week.
Daf Sugya Shiur Weekly multi-part, in-depth shiur given by Rabbi Moshe Elfant of the OU relating to the daf.
Daf HaChaim A 3-pronged learning experience: A 1 minute overview of the daf, the daf shiur itself (with a highlighted line following along on the tzurat hadaf), and a 5 minute daf review. The overview and review use engaging graphics to help you retain the information. Also available as an iPad and Android app. Began with the new cycle.
Doing the Daf An English daf yomi shiur given by Rabbi Joshua Maroof of Rockville, MD. Posted on YouTube, audio only.
The Daily Daf Differently From JCast, a daily podcast on the daf, averaging about 7 - 10 minutes in length, by "a variety of liberal rabbis and teachers." (Mostly Conservative.) Content varies depending on the speaker; ranges from a summary of the daf to a focus on one particular story.
The Daf in Halacha From the Bais HaVaad Halacha Center. 10 to 20 minute audio shiur based on the daf. Solid material since the beginning of the new cycle, plus lots of material on the yeshivishe masechtos in Nezikin.
MyShiur - R' Yehuda Eliyahu A Hebrew Daf Yomi shiur from NY; posts a week's worth at a time.
Daily Gemara Daily shiur in English by Rabbi Eli Mansoor, for those who like the daf with a Sephardic accent.
Simon Wolf Daf Yomi shiur from Israel (in English). Archives go back to Ketubot.
Daf Yomi Audio Shiurim from Rabbi Dovid Grossman of L.A.; many daf yomi-related links.
Daf Yomi Notes Highlights and insights, and questions and answers to the daily daf. Archives and e-mail.
Daf Yomi Digest 2 pages of nice he'oros on the Daf; Archives start with B'rachos. Archives and e-mail.
Rav Yitz Etshalom Very quick reading and translating of the daf. Does it in chunks of a daf to a daf-and-a-half at a time. Excellent outline source sheets are worth downloading.
E-DAF Every page of talmud accesible on-line; Vilna-Shas Tzuras HaDaf; Audio Shiurim on every page.
He'aros on the Daf A blog with short pieces on the daily daf.
Steinsaltz on the Daf Daily Insights in English on the Daf from Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.
Daf Yomi Portal Hebrew. An amazing, well-designed clearing house of many resources on the daf, including links to the Steinsaltz edition, in-depth shiurim, responsa relating to the daf, etc.
Yomi Calculators Figure out where the daf is / will be in the next 7 1/2 year machzor.
Kol haShiurim A fairly straightforward shiur with translation/explanation, available in Hebrew, English and Yiddish.
Cong. Bais Ephraim Yitzchak Good, quality shiur given by Menachem Kagan and occasionally Michael Fruchter. Irregular posting.
Gemara Berurah The daf, broken down in flowchart form, from the Gemara Berurah program. Archives don't go too far back, though.
Netivot haShas Hebrew. Excellent resources on Shas. Summaries, parallel sugyot in Shas, charts, articles, etc.
Daf Yomi Q&A Flashcards 20-30 Q&A flashcards on each daf. In mobi, epub and ereader formats.
Talmud Illuminated A blog with a twist. A daily recap of a selection from the daf accompanied with a classical painting illustrating the theme.
Ephraim Schreibman New to me; Audio Daf Yomi shiur posted on a blog. Archives on his home site go back to Mo'ed.
The Graveyard Daf Yomi websites that petered out. Useful for archived material.
Daf Yomi Halacha Practical Decisions of the Codifiers Based on the Talmud; Shabbat through Moed Kattan.
TOSFOS.com Translation of many Tosafot. Brachot through Eruvin; then a smattering from other masechtot.
Chavruta (Hebrew) Explanations, with footnotes for the more advanced. Requires registration. Through Megillah.
Alfasi A blog with English translation of the parallel Rif to the Daf. Into Bava Batra.
Revach L'Daf Bullet-point reviews of the daf. Shorter pieces on the daf, some in depth, Q & A; stuff on the parsha, upcoming holidays, etc. Through Chulin.
Dafnotes A Daf Yomi-oriented blog. Good, advanced stuff. Through Menachot.