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An odd assortment of useful sites

My Zmanim Type in your zip code and find the time for davening, earliest tallis and tefillin, know when פלג המנחה is for early shabbatot, etc.
Ezras Torah Calendar Ezras Torah's famed Luach, now on the web. Always know when to skip tachanun.
HebCal Jewish Calendar Tools
The Berachot Site Extensive lists of ברכות for various foods. Also has some very good pages of halacha.
Virtual Cantor Learn the nusach to daily, weekly, holiday davening.
Modzitz The most musical of the Chasidim; lots of online music files.
Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Wieder Kriah for Torah, Haftorah, High Holidays and Megillot by a Rosh Yeshiva at YU, and one of the finest baalei kriah I know.
Cantillation Article on trop in the Wikipedia; useful links at the end
Shlomo Carlebach Foundation Audio files with some of his niggunim as well as links to other Jewish music sites
Shamash Home of Mail Jewish, one of the first Halachic discussion groups via e-mail
Kosher Restaurant Database Why would you go anywhere you couldn't eat?
Hafokh al Hafokh Downloadable freeware - if you've ever typed and not realized the computer was in Hebrew (or English) mode - just highlight and click and it'll switch the language
Hebrew Keyboard Tutor Play a game and learn to touch-type Hebrew (see "Hebrew in Windows" for set up info)
Jerusalem Map Searchable, zoomable street map of Yerushalayim
Seforim All about Seforim - New and Old, and Jewish Bibliography
Dafnotes A Daf Yomi-oriented blog. Good, advanced stuff
Michtavim Academic Jewish Studies blog by Menachem Butler
On the Mainline Always fascinating stuff on Jewish scholarship
Menachem Mendel Good blog dealing with issues in Jewish scholarship
Hagahot Interesting entries on Judaic manuscripts and medieval Jewish literature, especially halacha
Hirhurim Rabbi Gil Student's blog
Paleojudaica On Ancient Judaism and its Context
Believing is Knowing Dealing with the Rambam's philosophy
Hitzei Yehonatan Parsha blog by noted translator Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Chipman
Talking in Learning Nice blog dealing with topics in lomdus; written in Yeshivishe
Divrei Chaim Divrei Torah and Topics in Learning
Nefesh Chaim Parsha (or holiday)-based Topics in Lomdus.
Havolim Divrei Torah of lasting value that require some thought.
Ishim V'Sheetot Eclectic blog on Jewish scholarship and scholars
On the Contrary Not sure how to characterize this blog - life in Israel, Jewish thought, halacha, whatever is driving Elli Fischer crazy at the moment.
The Dikdukian Dikduk and the weekly Parsha
Lion of Zion Jewish life and Learning
My Obiter Dicta Prof. Jeffrey Woolf's blog - Ruminations on Life, Orthodoxy, Israel and Academia
Eruv Online Eruvin in the news and the history of eruvin around the world
News for Medievalists As the name says.... Not a Jewish blog
Balashon Hebrew Language Detective
Chowhound Kosher Board The blog for foodies - Kosher restaurants, obscure ingredients, etc.
The Kosher Blog Kosher wine, recipes, food and kashrut issues
Bein Din L'Din A discussion of Jewish civil and criminal law
Kolech An Orthodox Women's Forum (Hebrew)