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The Et cetera section are sites that are not Torah-oriented, but ones I enjoy using. There is more to life etc. etc.

Judaica Links
AishDas Torah Links Fantastic Links to Torah Learning sites: Audio, Counter-missionary, General, Halacha, Machshava, Mesorah, Dikduk, Midrash, Musar, Rambam, Talmud Tanakh and Tefillah.
Maimondes-Related Links What don't you understand? A list of sites with Maimonidean material therein. Better?
Sifria Virtuali (Hebrew) Links to online text sites
Jacob Richman's Home Page For kids and adults. Check out his Hot Sites for many holiday-related links.
Electronic Parsha Warehouse R' Josh Cypess - over 600 (!) Torah-related sites with descriptions
Torah Net Torah Opportunities on the Internetet
The Digital Genizah One of the oldest Jewish links sites on the web
About.com - Judaism Always a good source for things Jewish
Jewish Delaware Lots of links to online texts
Judaism and Jewish Resources Link page from Shamash. Huge!
Costumer's Manifesto All sorts of links to ethnic dress. Scroll down for historic Jewish costumes.
Et cetera
Bookfinder.com The mega-search site, linking hundreds of international used and new book dealers. My personal version of crack.
Lifehacker Blog Tips and tricks for your computer, your home, your life
Blog Chef The pictures are enough to make me drool, and the recipes (at least the ones I can make kosher) are delicious.
Star Trek You can watch all the original episodes on CBS's website. How cool is that? (Are you shocked I'm a Trek fan?)
Text Twist A solo, Scrabble-ish word game. WARNING: Highly addictive
Classic '80s Arcade Games If we are contemporaries, you too spent much of high school playing Asteroids, Pacman, Space Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Tetris and even Pong. Now you can misspend your adulthood, too, playing them again and again. And no stack of quarters needed.
Universal Currency Converter How much is that in shekels?
Book Repair Manual From Dartmouth's library. If you love books as I do, you'll want to take care of them.
Dead or Alive Stop that argument right now! Tells whether famous people are still around. Also all the stars born on your birthday.
NYC Cross Street Locator Find out on what block that Manhattan address is.
Head First HTML & CSS If you want to know how I learned to design a website from scratch, this is the book.