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Shiurim in Print, Journals, etc.
Virtual Beit Midrash From Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush). Lots of archived materials of dozens of great shiurim on all levels. Or get on a mailing list for new material.
Mesorah (Hebrew) The OU's journal of the Torah of Rav Soloveitchik and articles on issues in Kashrut
Noraos HaRav Transcriptions of shiurim given by Rav Soloveitchik, z"l, by B. David Schreiber. In pdf format. Volumes 1-16. 
Rav Yoel bin Nun Several shiurim in English. Much more in Hebrew here .
Tanach Study Center Rabbi Menachem Leibtag's excellent pshat-oriented parsha shiurim
Gilyonot Nechama Leibowitz NEW! All Nechama's "Gilyonot Parashat Shavu'ah," together with references, commentaries and more.
Rabbi Ethan Tucker Rabbi Tucker's always challenging shiurim on Halacha. From an egalitarian perspective within a serious halachic framework.
R' Menachem Froman (Hebrew) Rabbi Froman זצ"ל was a remarkable person. Learn more about him here.
Biurei HaTefila Abe Katz's site, dedicated to continuing and disseminating the Tefilah teachings of Rabbi Isaiah Wohlgemuth, זצ"ל, the first rebbe to inculcate within me the love of Talmud study and davening.
Chovevei HaTorah Library of Yeshivat Chovevei HaTorah. Shiurim, articles, teshuvot, and their journal Milin Havivin.
Audio Shiurim - mp3s, Streaming Audio, etc. (See also Daf Yomi)
YU Torah Online Audio Shiurim from YU, RIETS and Gruss Kollel Rebbeim. Talmud, Yoreh Deah, Orach Chayim, Kriat HaTorah, College Courses. Also many articles available.
KMTT Ki MiTzion Teitze Torah - Daily podcasts from Yeshivat Har Etzion
Bergen County Beis Medrash Program Shiurim from Teaneck area shuls; also many shiurim of the Rav.
Rav Soloveitchik  Large collection of 164 audio shiurim of the Rav in English.
Torah Web Shiurim from several Yeshiva University Roshei Yeshiva.
Torat Yavneh Audio & Text Shiurim from the Roshei Yeshiva of Kerem B'Yavneh.
Mishna Yomis Audio shiur on every mishnah in shas.
OU Torah Too much to chose from. Nach? Halacha? Hashkafa? Maharal? Derashot HaRan? Ethics? Teshuvot R' Akiva Eiger? The OU's got you covered. And more.
Moreshet Shiurim from the Centrist Israel camp. My favorites include Rav Yuval Sherlow and Rav Benny Lau. (In Hebrew)
Rabbi Rakeffet Online An attempt (in progress) to catalog the MANY hundreds (thousands?) of shiurim of Rabbi Rakeffet's shiurim from YUTorah.org.
Mishnah Berurah - Complete Shiurim given in English (really!) by Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz. Excellent.
Mishnah Berurah (Hebrew) Hebrew shiurim on the Mshnah Berurah with Rabbi Eli Mansour. Each shiur includes a very clear pdf of the משנה ברורה.
Daily Mishnah Berurah English (yeshivishe) shiurim given by Rav Asher Eisenberger. Currently through הלכות שבת סימן שכ"ה.
Mishna Berura Yomi Shiurim on the entire משנה ברורה given in extremely yeshivishe English (it barely qualifies as English, honestly) by Rav Mordechai Fishman. However, if you speak the language, the shiurim are good. Requires Flash and JavaScript.
Mechon Hadar The egalitarian yeshiva. Excellent shiurim from several of the staff.
Drisha Institute Shiurim and podcasts from Drisha, one of the first institutions to offer high-quality Torah learning to women.
RealTorah.com Amittah Shel Torah - Shiurim on Tanach, Machshava and Gemara from veteran educator Rabbi Yitz Twersky. (Ignore the weird pink error message at the top of every page; the shiurim are all still there.)
Rabbi Adam Mintz Audio shiurim on Jewish History, Law, Thought and Biblical Studies. Articles as well.
Mercaz HaRav Hebrew shiurim and articles from Yeshivat Mercaz haRav (Kook, if you had to ask.)
Modern Torah Leadership Shiurim from Rabbi Aryeh Klapper's Center for Modern Torah Leadership.
Elie Wiesel YouTube archives of several years of lectures from Professor Wiesel, ז"ל, at the 92nd Street Y.
Van Leer Institute Lectures (mostly in Hebrew; some English) from an Israeli Think Tank. (The Weekly Torah Portion Lecture Series is a fascinating cross-section of the Israeli intellectual public.) Now a YouTube Channel.
Yesodei haTorah Shiurim from the rebbei'm of (the very much missed) Yeshivat Yesodei HaTorah.
Yerushalmi Online Audio-Shiurim by Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer on all of the Yerushalmi, as well as text, manuscripts, and commentaries on the Yerushalmi.
TeachItToMe Podcasts, Shiurim, Classes (Doe not appear to have been updated since 2008.)
Sephardic Institute Lecture Series Excellent series of speakers from the YU-type orbit.
Kollel Yom Rishon Hour-long shiurim given for the public in YU on Sunday.
Midreshet Yom Rishon Ditto, but for women.
Aryeh Frimer 80 Shiurim on Women and Halacha based on R' Ellinson's האשה והמצוות, plus many others, some with source sheets. 
Torah in Motion Although these shiurim cost $3.99 Canadian each, the speakers list and range of topics is just too important to ignore. If you poke araound the podcast page you can find many classes that are available for free if you register at the site. Go to their main page and sign up for free (or a suggested donation) to listen to and particpate in the shiurim live as they happen. 
Choshen Mishpat Shiurim on חושן משפט topics from Rabbi Abba Zvi Naiman, with useful handout sheets. From Zichron Yaakov Eliyahu.
Rav Nissan Kaplan Many shiurim in gemara and other topics (musar, parsha, halacha)
Berman Shul Lectures Excellent - Many shiurim by noted international scholars on Jewish topics - some in Hebrew and others in English.
Beit El Yeshiva Over a thousand shiurim from the yeshiva. In Hebrew. English site here.
Machon Shilo The Home of the Kitniyot Rebellion! Their tag-line: Torah for Those Who Dare to Think
R' Ezra Labaton Rabbi Ezra Labaton, ע"ה, from Deal, NJ, was the first rebbe to inculcate the love of Tanakh within me. I think I fought with him every day of 12th grade, but he had an enormous impact on me as a teacher. A collection of his shiurim and writings.
Maimonides Heritage Center Articles, essays and video and audio shiurim on Maimonides (the רמב"ם).
Torah Live Excellent full video courses on everything from Anger to Yichud. We use this as part of our halacha curriculum, but you can have access to all the classes for free as long as you sign up.
Hidabroot Billed as the "World's Largest Jewish TV Network."
Audio Shiurim - From a Little More to the Right
Kol Hashiurim Thousands of shiurim in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, French, Spanish, Russian. 
MP3 Shiur Shiurim by Rabbi Yisroel Reisman and several others. (Check out R' Reisman's excellent Yoreh Deah Shiurim for baalei-batim.)
Torah Anytime Over one million hours of audio shiurim
Torah Downloads Shiurim on all topics, sponsored by the Yad Yehuda Foundation.