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Learn Trope A free website with guided lessons to Torah and Haftorah trope as well as a guide to trope hand signals. See a demo video on YouTube here.
Offtonic Nusach A tremendous clearing house from Mauro Braunstein of hundreds of hundreds of links to sites for all sorts of Nuscha'ot for various tefilot.
Kahal Adas Yerushurun Jerusalem Learn to daven and lein and read the megillah like a Yekke.
Liturgica A history of Jewish liturgical tradition, going back to plainchant.
Beth Jacob High Holiday Nusach mp3 recordings of the High Holiday Nusach keyed to pages from the Machzor Masoret HaRav.
Sheartih Israel Learn the nusach from the oldest synagogue in America, the Spanish Portuguese Synagogue. Daily and holiday prayers, as well as kriat haTorah.
Nusach Hatefillah Ezra Lubelsky from Zurich. Some of the section are free (Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh) while others (High Holidays) require a membership fee.
Beurei HaTefila Abe Katz's site devoted to spreading and continuing the teaching of our mutual rebbe, Rabbi Isaiah Wohlgemuth, who taught at Maimonides School for many decades.
Ezras Torah Access pdfs of the world-famous Ezras Torah Luach, the gabbai's best friend. Always know which days we skip what.
Modzitz Some of the greatest Jewish music came from the fertile minds of the Modzitzer Rebbes. It's an old site, and you have to download to listen, but it's worth the extra clicks.
LeynMaster From David Charles Pollack, recordings of the nusach for the Yomim Nora'im, as well as the trope for the kriat haTorah. Also includes the nusach for the chagim. Recordings include introductions and explanations of what is said when.
Virtual Cantor Nusach Hatefila for weekdays (yes, there is actually a nusach for weekdays) shabbat, yomim tovim, High Holidays and life cycle events such as weddings and funerals. This site saved my hide when I had to act as a replacement baal shacharit for Yom Kippur with minimal advanced notice.