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Torah Sources

These are the sites I hit if I'm trying to put together a class, or sites that have many worthwhile resources

Website Description
A Page of Talmud Pass the cursor over every feature of a sample Talmud page and get detailed histories and explanations. Check out the rest of Eliezar Segal's website for similar pages on Rambam, Shulchan Aruch, Mikraot Gedolot.
Worksheet for Eliezar Segal's Website Out sick? Send the students to the Computer Lab and have 'em fill out this worksheet. My compliments.
Rav Jachter's Halacha Files In-depth Halachic examinations of many topics, Written for the TABC Parsha Weekly. Great place to "borrow" a shiur from!
Katzrin Pictures Pictures of implements, ovens, tools etc from the Mishnah
HaMakor Categories Putting together a shiur? Need maareh mekomot in a hurry? References in shas and poskim listed by topic. Ongoing Project.
Sefer Roshei Teivot A .pdf of the classic text of Hebrew acronyms, indexed alphabetically.
Key Talmudic Terminology (Hebrew) A list (with explanations) of key talmudic terminology (מונחים).
Rav Soloveitchik Index An index of the Rav's z"l works, online and in print
The Rav.Net Online resource on Rav Yosef D. Soloveitchik, z"l
WebShas The Talmud Indexed by Subject. Ongoing Project.
Jewish Law A collection of articles on Halacha and Law
Jeremy Rosen Online Blog and Articles by the Rabbi of Yakar in London, based on Openness and Tolerance. Imagine what he could have achieved had he taken the principal's job at Beth Tfiloh! :-)
Liturgica.com The History of Jewish Prayer and Jewish Liturgical Music (Not an exclusively Jewish site)
Orthodox Caucus Contains some thought-provoking reading material; Also has a Guide to Israel Post High School Programs
Passing Phrase Fun Site. Learn Hebrew Idiomatic phrases (Not all phrases suitable for children.)
The Bible Quiz Timed, multiple choice parsha quiz. Great for kids
Rashi Game Practice identifying letters in Rashi Script with this Flash game - Match ktav Rashi to ktav Ashurit and pop balloons!
Da'at (Hebrew) Curricula and articles in dozens of Jewish Studies subjects by teachers and scholars. Also a good deal of primary source material. Explore. New stuff being added all the time.
Sephardic Sages Timeline and Bios of Chachmei Sepharad from the 10th ce. to the present
Jewish Torah Audio 613 Audio Classes, Jewish Music, Shiurim of Rav Soloveitchik. This was the first big Jewish Audio site on the web
Babylon Free online Hebrew-English dictionary
Chinuch.org Formerly e-chinuch. Uploaded worksheets, vocabulary sheets,etc. from fellow mechankhim/ot
Commercial Sites
Torah Tapes Rabbi Milton Nordlicht. Tapes of Rav Soloveitchik in English and Yiddish, Dr. S.Z. Leiman, and many others
EshDev Palm Texts Downloadable Hebrew Texts for Palm Pilots for a fee - includes Tanakh, Shas, and Siddurim. (But see "Online Texts" - Chabad has it all for free.)