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Various Valuable Sources and Resources for Tanakh Study

al HaTorah  Online Mikraot Gedolot. Use the settings to configure the page with only the commentaries you want, from halachic midrashim to targumim through everyone you'd find in yor mikraot gedolot to people like Hirsch, Malbim, the Netziv, HaKtav V'Hakabbalah, Shadal, R' Dovid Tzvi Hoffman - all digitized and able to be copied and pasted into source sheets if you so desire. Several have English translations as well. Concordance and dictionary also available.
Shvilei HaTanakh Tanakh with many מפרשים and resources. Chumash with רש"י, רמב"ן, רשב"ם, ספורנו. . And pdf extras like R' DZ Hoffman on בראשית. The כתב וקבלה. The גשמי ברכה by the תורה תמימה as well as the אור שמח on the חמש מגילות. Links to מדרש. Work Sheets. A concordance for Tanakh, Rashi and Ramban. And tons more.
Mechon Mamre Tanakh (English/Hebrew/Aramaic) with and without nekudot, Mishnah, Bavli, Yerushalmi Tosefta, and Mishneh Torah.
Complete Tanakh with English Rashi Chabad site. By sefer, and perek. From the Judaica Press translation.
What's Bothering Rashi? Archives, by parsha. Excellent insights into Rashi. (Rabbi Bonchek was a student of Nechama Leibowitz's)
Rules of Rashi From the RashiYomi site; 6 lessons on skills and techniques for understanding Rashi al HaTorah
Bar Ilan - Mechilta and Tosefta Get various manuscript editions of the texts of the Mechilta and the Tosefta. Ignore warning and click OK.
Tanakh Profiles Alphabetical listing of every name in Tanakh, identifying who they are and where they appear. (Heads-up - Adobe Flash site)
929 Perek Yomi Project Each day, from Sunday to Thursday, a new perek of Chumash is posted with the text of the chapter, an audio version, and many original materials about the chapter, including short posts with insights and comments, a playlist with several podcasts lessons on the chapter, a Hebrew Corner with a word of the day, and a helpful summary of the major points of the chapter. Join Jews all over the world learning together. And if the spirit moves you, contribute your own thoughts.
Atar haTanakh Good resource for Tanakh stuff from personalities to dikduk to philosophy to commentaries.
Midrashic Texts @ Sefaria Hebrew, some English - All the classic texts - Midrash Rabbah, Tanḥuma, Yalkut Shimoni, Legends of the Jews, Ein Yaakov in English and Hebrew, much more.
Midrash Rabbah (Hebrew) Midrash Rabbah (Shlomo Buber edition) on Chumash and the 5 Megilot.
The Aleppo Codex The Rambam's source for his Torah scrolls; partially destroyed in riots. (Adobe Flash site)
Leningrad Codex One of the most accurate girsa'ot of Tanakh. (May require font download; detailed instructions are provided)
Navigating the Bible Aryeh Kaplan's "The Living Torah" translation, plus Torah reading with transliteration and chanting
Targum Search Looks up, by verse, Targum Okqelos, Pseudo-Jonathan (a/k/a Targum Yonatan al HaTorah), Neofiti and whatever else might be available, including targum fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls
Translation of Targum English Translation of Targum Onqelos and Pseudo-Jonathan
Legends of the Jews Louis Ginzberg's masterpiece of midrashic synthesis. Missing the all-important footnotes and index. Volume 5 (Notes) can be found here; volumes 6 & 7 (Index) can be found here and here
Pash.co.il Hebrew. Verse by verse, dozens of questions on each phrase, with links to the classic commentaries that address the questions.
HaTanakh Hebrew. From מכללת הרצוג. Tagged topic links, biblical maps, short pieces (video and print, modern and classical) on the Torah (Home page is the weekly parsha) as well as scholarly articles. You can also access 929 (see above) and video and audio shiurim from the world-famous ימי עיון each summer. English site here, albeit with somewhat less content.
Teach Torah Excellent curricular material (teachers guides, etc) from Dr. Richard Hidary at Stern College (and others). Sections on Shmot, Devarim, Melakhim, Yeshayahu, Yirmiyahu, Tehillim, and Esther.
Free Bible Maps Christian site. Some nice maps for Tanakh. 
Veracity O'Madden Some very useful Biblical Hebrew resources. Since some people freak out over this, be advised it's a Christian site.
500 Most Common Words 9 page pdf of the 500 words that appear in תנ"ך the most. Learn these and you'll be more than half-way there.
Tanakh Study Sign up for a Perek Yomi and learn Tanakh one chapter a day. The audio shiurim are about 15 - 20 minutes and given in English by many top teachers from Israel and the US. Or just explore the site and listen at you leisure.
Bible Hub The link is to the Westminster Codex text. Navigate through Tanakh with the pull-down menus on the top-left. Click on any word and be brought to Strong's Concordance, Englishman's Concordance, Brown/Driver/Briggs, and links to every appearance of the word in Tanakh. Click here to get every verse broken down into a chart, word by word, with links to concordances and translation. Christian site.
VBM Tanakh The Virtual beit Midrash from Yeshivat Har Etzion. There is too much to list here. Explore.
ETANA Stand for "Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives."
Shema Yisrael Many excellent parsha sites
Tanach Study Center Rabbi Menachem Leibtag's Site on all the Parshiyot; The "Questions for Preparation" are GREAT resources for teachers
Gilyonot Nechama Leibowitz NEW! All Nechama's "Gilyonot Parashat Shavu'ah," together with references, commentaries and more. This site renders all the following, older Nechama sites superfluous.
Nechama Leibowitz's Iyunim The text of portions of Nechama's "Studies in..." series in English. (From the Internet Archives)
Answers to the Iyunim Prepared by my first boss, Rabbi Mordechai Spiegelman; answers to the questions at the end of each section of the Iyunim (From the Internet Archives)
Bar Ilan Parshat HaShavua English shiurim on the parsha from the faculty at Bar Ilan
Torah.org The parsha section of the website offers some nice English pieces dicussing some classic commentaries, both chassidische, like the Shem MiShmuel and the Sfat Emet, as well as my favorite, the parsha esays on the Abravanel by Rabbi Dr. Meir Tamari.
parshablog The indefatiguable Josh Waxman. Search by parsha and finds reams of top-notch posts.
Ohr Torah Stone Weekly parsha posts by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (video or text), Rav David Stav (text) and Rabbi Eliahu Birnbaum (video, Spanish with English subtitles).
KMTT - Torah Parsha Podcast Weekly Podcast (English) on the Parsha. While there, check out the rest of the site. So many audio shiurim!