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Various Valuable Sources and Resources for Tanakh Study

Mikranet (Hebrew) Tanakh (accessible by perek). Click on פרשנים in the floating box on the left and you can get Rashi AND Ramban (NEW!) in Hebrew on every pasuk. Click on הפסוק במאגרים אחרים and get hot-linked cross-references in the Talmud and Rambam. I use this site daily.
Shvilei HaTanakh Tanakh with many מפרשים and resources. Chumash with רש"י, רמב"ן, רשב"ם, ספורנו. . And pdf extras like R' DZ Hoffman on בראשית. The כתב וקבלה. The גשמי ברכה by the תורה תמימה as well as the אור שמח on the חמש מגילות. Links to מדרש. Work Sheets. A concordance for Tanakh, Rashi and Ramban. And tons more.
Mechon Mamre Tanakh (English/Hebrew/Aramaic) with and without nekudot, Mishnah, Bavli, Yerushalmi Tosefta, and Mishneh Torah.
Complete Tanakh with English Rashi Chabad site. By sefer, and perek. From the Judaica Press translation.
What's Bothering Rashi? Archives, by parsha. Excellent insights into Rashi. (Rabbi Bonchek was a student of Nechama Leibowitz's)
Rules of Rashi From the RashiYomi site; 6 lessons on skills and techniques for understanding Rashi al HaTorah
Bar Ilan - Mechilta and Tosefta Get various manuscript editions of the texts of the Mechilta and the Tosefta
Tanakh Profiles Alphabetical listing of every name in Tanakh, identifying who they are and where they appear
iTanakh Resources for the Academic Study of the Bible (not an Orthodox site)
Atar haTanakh Good resource for Tanakh stuff from personalities to dikduk to philosophy to commentaries.
Yalkut Shimoni (Hebrew) Text of the classic Midrashic collection
Midrash Rabbah (Hebrew) Midrash Rabbah on Chumash and the 5 Megilot
The Aleppo Codex The Rambam's source for his Torah scrolls; partially destroyed in riots
Leningrad Codex One of the most accurate girsa'ot of Tanakh. (May require font download; detailed instructions are provided)
Navigating the Bible Aryeh Kaplan's "The Living Torah" translation, plus Torah reading with transliteration and chanting
Targum Search Looks up, by verse, Targum Okqelos, Pseudo-Jonathan (a/k/a Targum Yonatan al HaTorah), Neofiti and whatever else might be available, including targum fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls
Translation of Targum English Translation of Targum Onqelos and Pseudo-Jonathan
Legends of the Jews Louis Ginzberg's masterpiece of midrashic synthesis. Missing the all-important footnotes and index
Sidra The order of the Parshiyot based on the triennial cycle in Israel in the times of the Mishna
Targum Texts for your Palm OS Onqelos, Jonatan, Targum Ketuvim, Pseudo-Jonathan and Neofiti for your Palm. "Oh, I have Neofiti in my shirt pocket." Cool Factor of +10.
Shema Yisrael Many excellent parsha sites
Tanach Study Center Rabbi Menachem Leibtag's Site on all the Parshiyot; The "Questions for Preparation" are GREAT resources for teachers
Gilyonot Nechama Leibowitz NEW! All Nechama's "Gilyonot Parashat Shavu'ah," together with references, commentaries and more. This site renders all the following, older Nechama sites superfluous.
Nechama Leibowitz's Iyunim The text of portions of Nechama's "Studies in..." series.
Answers to the Iyunim Prepared by my first boss, Rabbi Mordechai Spiegelman; answers to the questions at the end of each section of the Iyunim (in progress)
Bar Ilan Parshat HaShavua English shiurim on the parsha from the faculty at Bar Ilan
Hitzei Yehonatan Blog of the noted translator Rabbi Jonathan Chipman, on the weekly parsha. In 5767, he focused on Rashi's commentary(Breishit began 10/22/06; Sh'mot, 01/12/07 ; VaYikra, 03/25/07; B'Midbar 05/18/07; D'varim, 07/23/07)
parshablog The indefatiguable Josh Waxman. Search by parsha and finds reams of top-notch posts.